Never Before, Never Again

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PROMOTION is a very important ingredient with most any successful business in our competitive world today.  Sparky Taft is truly “KING of promotion.”  This book is filled with stories and pictures of many of Sparky Taft’s promotional exploits and is an encyclopedia if IDEAS of how you can potentially add more promotion to your business and help you increase market awareness, traffic and sales!

Part1More Than Broadcasting and Advertising1
Chapter1High School Dances and Concerts3
Chapter2The Irish Rovers5
Chapter3Washington State International Air Fair7
Chapter4Custom Car Shows8
Chapter5Major Promotions, Inc.9
Chapter6Soliciting “Feature Vehicles” for the Car Shows11
Chapter7The World of Wheels12
Chapter8Hobnobbing with the Rich and Famous15
Chapter9Classy Celebrities17
Chapter10C.W. McCall19
Chapter11Mercy Rooney21
Chapter12Gracious Personalities23
Chapter13Evel Knievel25
Chapter15United States Auto Club (USAC)28
Chapter16The Silverdome Meets The Kingdome29
Chapter17Evergreen Speedway31
Chapter18Port Angeles Speedway33
Chapter19Busy 197734
Chapter20Fall Disaster36
Chapter21Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus38
Part2Back To Radio39
Chapter24Olympia Beer44
Chapter25K-Fox Radiio46
Chapter27Back to KYYX-FM50
Chapter28Car Wars53
Chapter29Buying KRKO Back61
Chapter30Disaster at KRKO63
Chapter31KXXR-AM Spokane64
Chapter32Back to K-Fox Seattle66
Chapter33Winning My Lawsuit Against Fowler67
Chapter34Radio Free Everett69
Chapter35KRKO is Back!75
Chapter36Fowler’s Financial Ruin of KRKO77
Chapter37KRKO Forced to be Sold79
Chapter38Hello KWYZ82
Chapter39Goodbye KWYZ84
Part4The Advertising Agency Business85
Chapter40Sparky Enters Advertising Agency Business87
Chapter41Kayak Point Golf Course89
Chapter42Hawley’s Boats and Motors91
Chapter43Cal Spas92
Chapter44Glamour Shots93
Chapter45Issaquah Honda-Kubota94
Chapter46Factory Stores of America95
Chapter47Great America RV97
Chapter48Clearwater Spas99
Chapter49Watts RV101
Chapter50End of the Roll102
Chapter51Growing Business in Yakima105
Chapter52Doug Kays109
Chapter53Phoenix SwapMart111
Chapter54Carson and Barnes Circus113
Chapter55Premiere Home Furnishings114
Chapter56Las Vegas – Fantastic116
Chapter57Back to Phoenix119
Chapter58Randy Williams121
Chapter60Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa122
Chapter61Pleasant Holidays124
Chapter62Young Country “Get Maui’d”127
Chapter63K-103FM Portland129
Chapter64Lucky-Dog Casino132
Chapter65Highway 9 Casino134
Chapter66Quinalt Beach Resort and Casino135
Chapter67Grays Harbor Tourism137
Chapter68Everett Mitsubishi138
Chapter69Factory Authorized Nissan Sale139
Chapter70Everett Chevrolet141
Chapter71Rich Hartman’s Five Star Dealerships142
Chapter72Cadillac Dealerships143
Chapter73Canopy Country RV144
Chapter74Kuchera Furniture – Billlings, Montana145
Chapter75JR Furniture146
Chapter76Rich’s for the Home150
Chapter77Travis Industries154
Chapter78New Balance Shoes155
Chapter79Ludeman’s – Portland156
Chapter80Designer’s Furniture Warehouse158
Chapter81Fifth Wheel Place159
Chapter82Valley Auburn RV160
Chapter83Black Pine Spas162
Chapter84Historic Downtown Snohomish165
Chapter85Las Vegas is Fantastic!167
Chapter86Performance Footwear Tucson and Las Vegas170
Chapter87Another Bizarre Las Vegas Client173
Chapter88Colville Tribal Casinos174
Chapter89Precor Home Fitness180
Chapter90Closing Comments183