• Creating Greater Results with Your Advertising by Sparky Taft

    Creating Greater RESULTS with your Advertising

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    This book is a must read for any medium or small business owner.  It describes in simple-to-read language HOW you can get much better RESULTS from your advertising.

  • Dynamic Sales Results: Creating Super Sales Success in a Competitive Down Market

    Dynamic Sales Results

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    Creating Super Sales Success in a Competitive Down Market

    This book, first published in 2009, is as valid today as it was then.  It describes the benefits and drawbacks of most all media and gives many tips of HOW you can be more successful with your advertising and marketing, as well as how to gain a big edge over all your competitors.

  • Never Before, Never Again!: The Pacific Northwest's Promotion King by Sparky Taft

    Never Before, Never Again

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    PROMOTION is a very important ingredient with most any successful business in our competitive world today.  Sparky Taft is truly “KING of promotion.”  This book is filled with stories and pictures of many of Sparky Taft’s promotional exploits and is an encyclopedia if IDEAS of how you can potentially add more promotion to your business and help you increase market awareness, traffic and sales!